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Sara Smile

Who is Sara Paxton? Well, she’s an actress, a model and a singer!

BIRTHDATE: April 25, 1988

COMMON MISSPELLING: “Sarah Paxton” It’s Sara, people!

LOCATION: The classic only-child blonde California girl!

STARTED ACTING: All the way back in 1996 she appeared in the short-lived tv series “Small Talk”. An appropriate title since she did start small as “Panelist #1”. But fame was not far off…

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Rachel in “Sydney White”, Sara Borden in “Summerland”, a comedic turn in Jill Johnson in “Superhero Movie” to a very scary part as Mari in “The Last House on the Left”. She also appeared in “The Innkeepers” as Claire, where she had a well-deserved first billing.

BIGGEST RUMOR: In the lead-up to the Batman franchise series “Gotham”, she was listed as a primary cast member. The rumor had her cast as “Bette” or “Betty Kane”, the original Batgirl. Sara posted on Twitter that she was not in Gotham and that she didn’t know where the notices came from, but… Wouldn’t it be amazing? It fits with Gotham’s clever casting of characters from Bruce Wayne’s past. Let’s hope this happens in Season 2!

FIRST FILM ROLE: The Jim Carrey movie “Liar Liar”. One of Jim’s better films.

BREAKOUT ROLE: In the mermaid film “Aquamarine” played the title character. The charming film was based on Alice Hoffman’s wonderful 2001 novel of the same name. The box office on Aquamarine exceeded $23 million, almost doubling it’s $12 million budget.

RECORD LABEL: Epic. Sara is not focusing on her musical career at this time.